R'Tech Conference on 27th April 2018 at UC Riverside

The Conference

We are experiencing a new industrial revolution where technology innovation is not only driving new business growth, but is changing the way in which business is conducted. Digital Transformation is at the center of this revolution. Technology is having an impact on every major industry and understanding the value and impact of such technologies is more important now than ever before.

R’Tech is a day-long conference where industry leaders will be sharing their stories of leveraging key exponential technologies and describing industrial trends. We hope to see you there!

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The Masters of their Trade

Tal Golan

COO - Success Cloud Product and Innovation, Salesforce

As a founder, entrepreneur, investor, and technology inventor, Tal has grown businesses from the ground up. As a C-level executive, he has reinvigorated stalled organizations to achieve new levels of value and sustainable growth. With his experience in a wide variety of essential areas, including software design & engineering, cloud computing, product management, mobility, messaging, cryptology, and large-scale data storage and security, Tal is uniquely positioned to bridge the communication gap that often exists between business and IT organizations in order to build high-performance teams that deliver exceptional bottom-line results.

Now, as a COO - Success Cloud Product and Innovation at Salesforce, he collaborates with leaders of the world's largest enterprises to help them to navigate the complexities of continuous transformational change.

Dave Ross

Co-founder and CTO, Tsunami AR/VR

Dave Ross is a leader of disruptive innovation in wireless, software, and computing. He is a highly effective, and creative problem solver having been awarded 37 patents with ~50 patents pending, covering a breath of software applications in the market. Dave has had a twenty-year tenure with Qualcomm Corporation as a Senior Director of Business Development of Snaptracs, QChat, BREW, and other various products. Notably, he co-invented the first 3G connected running watch - the Ironman One GPS+, and executed technology license contracts driving over $500M in direct revenue. Mr. Ross graduated with a BS in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech.

Debajyoti Ray

Founder and CTO, End Cue

Deb Ray is an investor and advisor for AI and blockchain startups. He focuses on the development of generative applications of AI, i.e. AI that can create new media, designs, or ideas. Deb is the CTO for the film production firm, End Cue. He leads the development of End Cue’s AI platform, which analyzes and generates original content for filmmaking. Deb received his PhD from Caltech in computation and neural systems. Soon after, he founded Pasadena Labs, where he built a Machine learning based hyperlocal ad platform used by clients such as Microsoft and IAC. Deb has also been awarded several patents and his publications are highly cited.

Eden Chen

Founder, Fishermen Labs

Charles Hu has over 18 years of experience in the tech field as manager, consultant, director, investor, board member, and founder. He is a co founder of Fishermen Labs, LLC, an LA based software development agency with a focus on apps and websites. He's also on the board of directors for Knife and Fox, a leading design agency located in Los Angeles, and an investor in several startups such as CTRL Collective, Mooch, Foundry Edu, etc.

Cam Kashani

Founder, COACCEL

Cam Kashani is the godmother of silicon beach, an expert speaker with us state department, 3x founder, and single mom of twin boys. She’s on a mission to humanize business and her vision is a global economy that thrives on we, not me. Cam accelerates the success of entrepreneurs and has worked with 4000+ entrepreneurs and 700+ startups.
Cam cofounded LA’s first coworking space, Coloft, back in 2010. Coloft was home to over 1400 alumni, including Uber LA, Instacart, and Fullscreen. While Cam works with men and women, she has a deeply rooted passion for working specifically with women as she believes that women that embrace their deeply rooted power can collectively shift the energy in business, and ultimately create a harmonious environment for us all.

Wil Orinion

Principal - IoT, Kaiser Permanente

Wil is a highly experienced IT professional with over 15 years of experience working specifically within the healthcare industry designing, implementing, and managing Information Systems infrastructure. Until recently, under his position as Interim Director of Endpoint Strategy at Kaiser Permanente, Mr. Orinion was tasked with identifying and addressing areas of improvement within the end user experience through the implementation of strategic technologies such as 3D Printing, Conversational Bots, and the Internet of Things. Wil Orinion graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Finance and earned a MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.

Christian Kameir

Managing Partner,
Sustany Capital

Christian Kameir is an entrepreneur and an expert on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.He is a Senior Subject Expert for the Wikimedia Foundation and a Program Director for the American Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract & Blockchain Academy. He is also on the Executive Committee of NobelCoin, a blockchain industries advocacy group that rewards projects that decentralize critical resources. He graduated from Bielefeld University with a degree in Managerial Economics and earned a Masters in Law from the University of Munster. Currently, he is the VP of Corporate Development at SolidOpinion, an engagement company that powers user content management for publishing and gaming platforms.

Michael Quindazzi

Managing Director, PwC

Mike Quindazzi is a Managing Director and Business Development Leader at PwC with over 28 years of experience transforming and leading companies. He is a Co-Chair on the Economic Development Council and on the Board of Governors and Executive Committee of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation. He leads the growth and development of a $900m sector encompassing multiple services such as management consulting, technology, forensics, and Tax. A keynote speaker on global megatrends, he commands a thorough understanding of the application of emerging technologies within both business and society. He graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in Psychology.

Ryan Condron

Principle Blockchain Engineer
Bloq Inc.

Ryan Condron is a principle blockchain engineer with Bloq Inc. an enterprise blockchain company based out of Chicago. He has been working with blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2012 and has over 15 years of technology and software engineering experience. His background includes serving as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Base Spin, LLC, a technology and software engineering firm working with a wide range of public and private sector companies to provide customized web solutions & software development services.

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Conference / Event Schedule

Introductory remarks by Karan Gupta - Conference Director.

Debajyoti Ray: Using AI to disrupt the film-making industry.

Can AI make creative professionals more efficient? RivetAI’s platform augments writers and producers, by letting AI handle the tedious parts, while leveraging their creativity through agile story development.
Starting with a script, the platform automatically generates a script breakdown, shot-list and storyboard. After inputting variable costs, the platform produces an interactive budget and optimized schedules that can achieve significant reductions in timeline and budget. The Generative AI helps visualize a script, explore the effects of changing the narrative, and enables new forms of content creation in interactive story games and VR. This gives development teams more granular data to greenlight projects.
Deb will discuss the ways in which exponential technologies like AI are changing the global entertainment industry, and how that shapes the main areas for research and investments in the field.

Michael Quindazzi: Global Megatrends Leading to the Emergence of Robotic Process Automation

By 2021, artificial intelligence (AI) automation and robotic process automation (RPA) spend is expected to reach $3 billion. Software robots (commonly referred to as "bots") are an emerging form of office "labor" that perform manual, time-consuming, rules-based finance, human resources and information technology tasks in order to reduce cycle times and lower costs over other automation alternatives. Join us to learn more about employing a bot in your back office.

Wil Orinion: IoT and how its transforming the healthcare industry.

Tal Golan: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming the customer experience. The lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring, especially with technologies like voice command, autonomous cars, and smart devices that keep you connected and always-on. This revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. The scale, scope, and complexity of the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before

Ryan Condron:

Christian Kameir: ICO and cryptocurrency investing

This talk will address the fundamentals of blockchain investing, while clarifying myths propagated by mainstream media and US regulatory agencies. Topics will include: exchanges, initial coin offerings, decentralized organizations, coins and tokens.

David Ross: Technological Advances in AR and VR

Dave will be showing a cool VR demo of a real application developed by Tsunami for one of its impressive clients (ex Tesla, Boeing and Exxon). This will preface a discussion about the technological and integration barriers to VR implementation, and how Tsunami helps its clients overcome those barriers

Charles Hu: The State of AR/VR

VR and AR are poised to disrupt a variety of major industries due to its inexpensive and portable nature - amongst other things. Eden will discuss the value proposition of these technologies in the context of the earliest adopters. He will also discuss industry growth trends from these technologies and Fisherman Lab’s future outlook. Eden will also outline his entrepreneurial journey that led him to be a part of the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

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